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draft tubes

Little and Large

Posted in Projects on Monday 5th August 2013 at 2:35am

An interesting comparison of draft tubes from manufacturer Ecowave:  WRE has installed both the small one and the large one - the large tube represents the physically biggest turbine manufactured to date by Ecowave.  This system is being installed in a site which has generated electricity since 1892.


Blackpool Mill

Micro hydro in the South Hams

Posted in Projects on Tuesday 14th February 2012 at 4:44am

WRE has just completed a small hydro scheme in South Devon.  The scheme incorporates 6mm fish screening, a spacious powerhouse, and a compact crossflow turbine operating on 180l/s and 4.5m head. 

The system is simple, fully automated and quiet in operation.  The layout is typical of many smaller mills, and whilst elements of the historical systems were used, most of the system was new.


Construction Updates

Posted in Projects on Wednesday 5th October 2011 at 2:22am

WRE is currently installing a new 23kW crossflow turbine at a site on Dartmoor.

The system is equipped with an advanced control system which can be operated via the internet, and controls not only the turbine itself, but also ancillary equipment such as the screening equipment.  This type of control system is increasingly being deployed on even moderate schemes to maximise output and minimise downtime.

It can also make operation and maintenance by WRE more straightforward.

Construction Updates

Posted in Projects on Wednesday 5th October 2011 at 2:16am

Construction has commenced at a site on the Dart for a new 90kW screw turbine to be completed in 2012.

Construction Updates

Posted in Projects on Wednesday 5th October 2011 at 2:14am

A small system similar to the system at Cotehele is under construction currently.  The old mill has a small flow and modest head, but can generate 5.5kW when complete.  The system is designed, built and commissioned by WRE and will be equipped with a small crossflow turbine when complete. 


Mapledurham Mill

Mapledurham Turbine

Construction Updates

Posted in Projects on Wednesday 5th October 2011 at 2:10am

The largest screw turbine hydro system operating on the Thames, designed by WRE has generated successfully.  The system uses 8 cubic metres of water per second, on a 1.7m head, and is the largest flow screw turbine operating in the UK.

The system was challenging because it was built so close to the existing historic mill building.

Tipton Hydro

Posted in Projects on Sunday 1st August 2010 at 8:27pm

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Hydro scheme, River Otter, Devon

Posted in Projects on Friday 7th May 2010 at 8:41pm

WRE has recently started construction of a 28kW hydro plant at Tipton St John in East Devon.  After a long licensing process, including a successful appeal a license was issued in June 2009.  The development has been assisted by the East Devon AONB Sustainable Development Fund, which provided significant assistance in moving the proposal through the long design process  Unfortunately, due to the tight restrictions on timing it was not possible to start construction until 2010.  However, after receiving the necessary Flood Defence Consent, Planning Permission, and carrying out the necessary ecological work, fish rescue and agreeing to the archaeological conditions, preparatory work finally got underway this week.  The undergrowth has been cleared, and the leat dredged, and with good ground conditions and weather concrete will be poured in the next couple of weeks.  Commissioning is anticipated to be in August, water flow permitting.

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System Commissioning

Posted in Projects on Thursday 23rd July 2009 at 7:38pm

After six and a half weeks on site, WRE has commissioned a new hydro scheme in South Somerset.  Further information will follow when all landscaping and finishing works are completed.

Turbine Arrival

Posted in Projects on Monday 6th July 2009 at 12:31am

Installation of the Ritz-Atro screw turbine in south Somerset has achieved a significant milestone with the installation of the mechanical equipment.  With the help of a 200 tonne capacity crane (to overcome the long distance from crane access to site), the machine slotted in easily.  The installation is on course to be ready for commissioning after eight working weeks from the first excavation, weather permitting!

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Screw Turbine Progress

Posted in Projects on Saturday 23rd May 2009 at 7:05pm

One week into the construction of a new ultra-low head hydro scheme in South Somerset, and the system is taking shape.  WRE is responsible for the majority of the installation, and is carrying out the civil work currently.  The system is a 23kW peak output, on a very modest 1.6m head, and is utilising a screw turbine.  Construction is occurring in two phases, to make use of the best weather and to account for turbine delivery times.  After an initial 3 week phase to construct the concrete works, WRE will move to another site to install and commission a smaller screw system, before returning in late June to complete the works.

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Ugbrooke Park Crossflow

Posted in Projects on Thursday 24th January 2008 at 5:00pm

WRE Ltd has commissioned a 4kW crossflow hydro scheme at Ugbrooke Park, Chudleigh for Lord Clifford. This project was designed and installed by WRE Ltd, with the construction phase taking just under 4 months. To find out more please view our case study.