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Coanda wedgewire screens

Posted in Products on Friday 8th March 2013 at 12:12am

WRE has recently introduced a larger Coanda screen capable of passing 75 litres per metre of weir length, the first delivery to a 100kW plant in mid Wales has already occurred.

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Automatic Screeners

Posted in Products on Monday 10th August 2009 at 12:31pm

WRE is supplying fully stainless steel automatic fish and debris screens, ideal for small abstractions where head loss need to be avoided.  A recent customer was a site with a small ‘Powerpal’ machine running on under 2m of head.  The screen is designed to pass 200 l/s, and is an example of the standard screen, with a wetted area of around 1.5 square metres.  Installation takes around one man-day.

Automatic Screeners

Posted in Products on Friday 1st May 2009 at 2:54pm

WRE Ltd is pleased to announce that we have introduced a standard stainless steel automatic screener.  We have been manufacturing these products on a one off basis for sites for a number of years, but have now introduced a standard sizing of screen for moderate sized abstractions (around 50 to 250 litres per second for the standard model, and up to 500 litres per second at an additional extra cost), which has allowed a higher specification to be offered at a lower price.  The screeners have a stainless steel construction for the supporting framework, and employ a sturdy 10mm stainless steel mesh conveyor.  Use is made of laser cut parts to optimise quality, and standard interchangeable mesh and drive components.  These screeners are particularly suitable for old mill sites where it is important to minimise head loss, as well as fit within existing structures.  The first deliveries of these products have been made, and are operational.  The systems are available with a 4 week lead time, and cost £1,800 ex-works.

The screeners will form part of a complete standardised design and technical package to be launched shortly by WRE Ltd, to drive down costs and maximise the potential from small output, medium head sites in the region of 2 to 10kW.  We believe that the conventional approach to bespoke design of systems becomes a problem at these small sites where high feasibility and design costs can swamp projects and owners.  Look out for full details in the near future.