Articles From October 2009

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Work Experience Testimonial

Posted in News on Thursday 29th October 2009 at 8:35pm

I had just completed my degree in Mechatronics and asked WRE for some work experience.  In the 6 weeks of work experience, I have seen a huge variety of engineering work.

I was on site for 3 weeks, where I helped with the construction of a fish pass, maintenance of a launder, water wheel and weir.  I also saw the installation of the gearbox, generator and control system.  The other half of my time was spent in the office where I helped out with design work, including AutoCAD and SketchUp.  I found this work experience excellent because I saw how a project is completed from design to commissioning.

The staff at WRE are very enthusiastic about micro hydro and are excellent people to work for.  They were very welcoming and allowed me to see all areas of micro hydro engineering.  The work was very interesting and all the staff were very helpful with any questions I had.

I was interested in the area of micro hydro before I started my work experience with WRE and now on completing this, I am even more interested in this area and hope to work in this industry in the future.

Kevin Smith

Autumn Developments

Posted in News on Wednesday 28th October 2009 at 1:37am

WRE completed the harnessing of the Dartington Hall Trust’s waterwheel in early October, shown below is the shaft coupling, gearbox and generator.  This is now generating power for the buildings, whist retaining the interesting historic feature of the wheel.  Whilst it is typically most sensible to replace such a wheel, since it had been maintained in good condition, it seemed logical to retain it and fit with a gearbox.  It is shown below before fitment of safety guarding.

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Work is also underway at what is likely to be the last installation of 2009, a small Pelton type turbine running off a healthy 55m of gross head.  WRE have carried out all design and licensing and are manufacturing Coanda type screening for the intake.  Dependant on delivery times, generation will commence just before or after the New Year.

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