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Posted in News on Wednesday 17th March 2010 at 10:05pm

Feed in Tariff update

The Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) is close to becoming law, and it is likely that it will be a requirement of all systems that they will need to be designed and installed by Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installers, using approved equipment.

The aim of the MCS is to provide consumer protection for schemes under 50kW output, in what is a fast developing market.  There has been some degree of resistance within the hydro community since many schemes are typically built with some owner input, but if approached carefully this can still be the case.

WRE expects to enter the MCS scheme at its launch in the next few weeks, and has been accepted onto the REAL assurance scheme, which is a requirement.  We are expecting to be installing approved schemes from the start of April.

We believe that the MCS scheme should provide consumer confidence, and it will be important that when looking at designing a hydro system you use an approved, professional firm from feasibility study onwards.


WRE is now offering more high quality screening equipment.  In addition to the automatic screeners which are being used increasingly for old mill sites, we are now manufacturing ‘Coanda’ type wedge wire screens, for high head schemes with small flows.  These are ideal as they require no power, are robust and long lasting.  Prices start from £1250 (+VAT) for a 20 l/s version.

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We are also manufacturing interface equipment to work with the popular SCS HGP hydro controller.  This is typically used to operate hydraulic systems where large flow control equipment is needed, such as in low head systems.  Email us for a quote.


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WRE has completed work at a site in Devon where a single jet Pelton machine has been installed.  It is operating as expected, and producing absolutely at the top end of the design expectations of energy capture.

WRE has recently placed orders for two more hydro systems for installation in 2010, a Screw turbine for a site in East Devon and a crossflow machine for another old mill site in Mid-Devon.

The screw turbine system has been under development for some time, owing to difficulties in licensing, but this will now be delivered in June.  The system is a conventional concrete-trough screw turbine, with a number of design tweaks to boost efficiency.  WRE is the largest installer of Screw turbines in the UK, and is not tied to any manufacturer, meaning we are free to recommend the best machine for the job.

The crossflow turbine is our first order from UK manufacturer Ecowave, who have been able to commit to an MCS approved machine in a short lead time.  The system will use 85 l/s on a 5 metre head, and should also be operating by mid-summer.

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