How Can WRE Ltd Help You?

Western Renewable Energy offers a range of different services to support potential developers and hydro owners alike.

We carry out consultancy, project design and installation:

We also provide operation and maintenance services:

  • Day-to-day maintenance
  • Plant upgrades
  • Breakdown maintenance

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Abstraction Licence Applications and Advice

The Environment Agency has recenty introduced a pre-abstraction licence application. This allows the EA to analyise the proposal at an early stage and advise on where there is a requirement for additional information and highlight aspects that may be of concern. This is often inclusive of both technical design details, calculation methods and specialist surveys. Providing the EA with plenty of information at this stage allows the responses recieved to be better tailored to your site. 

The Environment Agency are the authority that grants or declines the ormal abstraction licence. They consult with many other parties in addition to having a number of internal departments and specialists. This can lead to a wide selection of technical questions needing to be addressed prior to any licence being determined.

There are also a large number of directives and rules which the EA use to help determine a licence, this, coupled with specialist staff knowledge, help ensure suitable protection for the natural environment.snow covered weir

We can offer support, or run the whole process.  The scope of work will be related to the extent of Environmental Impact Assessments required, but there are also fixed costs for the process.  Please contact us for further information.