How Can WRE Ltd Help You?

Western Renewable Energy offers a range of different services to support potential developers and hydro owners alike.

We carry out consultancy, project design and installation:

We also provide operation and maintenance services:

  • Day-to-day maintenance
  • Plant upgrades
  • Breakdown maintenance

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Planning Permissions

 When seeking planning permission it is often advisable to contact you Local Planning Authority (LPA) before submitting a formal application and go through a pre-application process. Similar to the pre-abstraction licence process, this can help identify and areas of concern that the LPA may have.

There can be an overlap between the EA requirements and the LPA requirements, most notably in area such as National Parks where the responsibilities of the two authorities both include protection of the local environment. Specialist surveys completed as part of an abstraction licence application can therefore often be applicable to the planning process.3D image of a waterwheel

The LPA will, however, have alternative issues as well which need to be addressed. Supporting documents such as a Flood Risk Assessment, plans showing access routes and constrction method statements are often required in addition to the drawings and standard supporting documents.

The LPA will also need to consult with outside parties, such as the EA, Natural England, local parish / town councils and highways authorities.

Additional permissions such as Listed Building Consent may also be required.