How Can WRE Ltd Help You?

Western Renewable Energy offers a range of different services to support potential developers and hydro owners alike.

We carry out consultancy, project design and installation:

We also provide operation and maintenance services:

  • Day-to-day maintenance
  • Plant upgrades
  • Breakdown maintenance

Key Experience and Skills

Previous Clients

Turbine System Design

WRE Ltd has built up significant expertise in the design of screw turbine systems. These are preferred by the Environment Agency where applicable, but can have particular issues. They are very sensitive to head and tail water level variation, and poor design or understanding of these issues can typically cause noise problems at low flows, power quality problems at low power (causing the system to have difficulites remaining connected to the national grid), and underperformance at optimum conditions.screw turbine

At WRE Ltd we understand these issues, and ensure that we gather sufficient data via the use of multiple logging sensors stationed on site during the design process. This allows us to complete in-depth analysis to ensure that the design is tailored to the specific site conditions.crossflow turbine

In addition to screw turbines, WRE Ltd have significant experience of higher head systems using both crossflow turbines and Pelton turbines with a number of installations throughout the country